Blog Entries

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing: My First Entry and Learning Unity

The Joy of Printing 1: Novice to Semi-Novice 3D Printing and Modding

The Joy of Printing 2: Hitting a Stride

The Joy of Printing 2.5: Updates and Upgrades for your Uptake

Heat, Hammer, Repeat: My Intro to Blacksmithing

Writing for RPI's student newspaper, The Polytechnic

Max Brooks Interview – An interview I conducted with World War Z and Zombie Survival Guide author Max Brooks.

Sodexo to Nix Plates, Utensils – A satirical piece I wrote with regards to the lack of plates and utensils that has plagued the dining halls of RPI.

Nickelodeon Can't Satisfy Demographic – A co-authored editorial on why Nickelodeon programming has been (in our shared opinion) so poor.

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